Solving the Health Care Crisis

Because of our current economy it is easy to understand why some people conduct their day to day life without the proper insurance, hoping for no surprises. There can be many reasons why this is so and not really the fault of those who would like the proper insurance for them and their family. Job lay offs make badly needed insurance coverage out of reach. Dead end jobs offer no affordable answers for some who can never have the peace of mind that proper insurance brings.If you have ever been to the doctor and paid the bill out of your own pocket, you know how expensive that can be. It is no wonder those without the proper insurance wait, until they can no longer deal with the health issue before seeing a doctor. If there is a need to see a specialists, the expense just is too great. If these health issues aren’t addressed and treated it can and usually does affect those with insurance, through the spread of communicable diseases, putting everyone at risk.If you are under the impression that; if you have insurance, those without insurance are of no concern to you, that would be a major false impression. Those without insurance usually wait until they have no other choice but to seek medical care, sometimes being too. This could result in death, leaving behind a debt that cannot be paid by the surviving family members who statically, will continue this pattern. The increase you see from time to time on you policy premium pays for those who cannot pay for clinic and hospital services.This is why health insurance coverage is an issue for us all, whether you have the coverage or not. The fact that so many can’t get insurance because it is so expensive affects everyone. If you ask around, you will find that most people only have insurance because it is offered through their job at a great rate. The fact that there are tons of people that can’t get that is stifling our country. Health insurance should be affordable.The current health care crisis has predictably become a hot political issue. Arguments and debates continue to sound out convincing facts and points from both sides. Some see and understand the need for everyone, regardless of financial status, to have equal access to health care. Other arguments insist this change would encourage health care professionals and the industry to slowly adjust to lower standards and decrease the quality of health care, therefore making the quality less than desirable for everyone. Fears and agendas will continue to make the health care issues hot and fierce until it is settled.